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Cookie Club

Are you tired of giving dull, uninspired gifts?

Do you dread the process of deciding what to give family and friends when it comes time for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays?

Well we have a delicious solution for you: introducing the RC&T Cookie Club!

We pride ourselves on making some of the best cookies in the world. And one of the goals of our Cookie Club is to give our customers the opportunity to enjoy our delicious treats on a regular basis. What is the Cookie Club? Scroll below for the details.

What is the Cookie Club?

The Cookie Club is a subscription service that will ship cookies, brownies and other delicious treats to your home, office or dorm room.

What’s included in the box?

Each box will consist of a selection of our delicious, artisan, hand-made cookies and treats. There are roughly two dozen cookies included in each box – depending on the mix of varieties.

Up to half of each box will be exclusive flavors that are only available to Club members. Those flavors cannot be purchased through our retail partners or online by non-Club members. Flavors such as Nonna’s Blueberry Lemon, Pecan Shortbread, Coconut Brownies and many others are reserved for the Cookie Club.

Along with your treats, you will also receive a monthly newsletter with insights into our bakery, drink pairing suggestions for each item in the box, and exclusive coupons.

How long are subscriptions/are shipping charges included?

Subscriptions vary in length and include all shipping and handling charges. Shipments are automatic – occurring on the second Tuesday of each month.

Who is the Cookie Club for?

The Cookie Club is a perfect gift to give loved ones – both near and far – and also a delicious way to treat yourself!

  • College students
  • Family members in other states
  • Business associates
  • Those family members and friends who you have a difficult time shopping for

The Cookie Club is a great way to say “I’m thinking about you” to friends and family.

Membership Options

We will have membership options from three months up to twelve months.

Pricing to come soon.

*Shipping and handling charges are included in your monthly membership fee.

Interested in the Cookie Club?

Send us a quick message to let us know!